Code projects

See GitHub for a full list.

  • GoatCounter – Simple web statistics. No tracking of personal data.
  • uni – Query the Unicode database from the commandline.
  • find-cursor – Highlight the cursor position.
  • hello-css – A CSS template focused on readability.
  • imgzoom – Simple JavaScript image zoomer.
  • info – Texinfo made palatable.
  • pkg_clearleaves – Remove packages on which no other packages depend.
  • readon.js – Continue reading a web page from where you left last time.
  • sanitize_files – Basic cleanup of your code.
  • singlepage – Bundle external assets in a HTML file.

Go libraries and tools

  • formam – Scan HTML forms in to a struct.
  • goimport – Add, remove, or replace imports in Go files.
  • guru – Go errors with a Guru Meditation Number.
  • hubhub – Utility functions for working with the GitHub API.
  • mailaddress – Mail address parsing library for Go.
  • sconfig – A simple and functional configuration file parser for Go.
  • reload – Lightweight automatic application reloading for Go.
  • spamc – Go client for SpamAssassin.
  • utils – Collection of often used extensions to Go’s standard library.
  • zhttp – Martin’s HTTP package.
  • zlog – Logging library.
  • zpack – Pack static data in Go binaries.
  • zstripe – Utility functions for working with the Stripe API.
  • zvalidate – Simple validation.

Vim stuff


Also see the archives for some outdated and not-especially-interesting-after-all stuff.