Code projects

See GitHub for a full list.

  • find-cursor – Highlight the cursor position.
  • hello-css – A CSS template focused on readability.
  • imgzoom – Simple JavaScript image zoomer.
  • info – Texinfo made palatable.
  • pkg_clearleaves – Remove packages on which no other packages depend.
  • readon.js – Continue reading a web page from where you left last time.
  • sanitize_files – Basic cleanup of your code.
  • singlepage – Bundle external assets in a HTML file.
  • uni – Query the Unicode database from the commandline.

Go libraries and tools

  • formam – Scan HTML forms in to a struct.
  • goimport – Add, remove, or replace imports in Go files.
  • guru – Go errors with a Guru Meditation Number.
  • hubhub – Set of utility functions for working with the GitHub API.
  • mailaddress – Mail address parsing library for Go.
  • sconfig – A simple and functional configuration file parser for Go.
  • reload – Lightweight automatic application reloading for Go.
  • spamc – Go client for SpamAssassin.
  • utils – Collection of often used extensions to Go's standard library.
  • validate – Simple validation.
  • zhttp – Martin's HTTP package.
  • zlog – Go logging library.

Vim stuff


Also see the archives. I archive things based on “interestingness” to the general reader, rather than age. “How to detect automatically generated emails” is useful if you’re creating an email system, but most people aren’t. Archived does not mean outdated.