Martin Tournoij

I have experience with a wide variety of tools and languages. My favourites are Go and Python. I have also written programs in PHP, Ruby, Tcl, JavaScript, C, Perl, Scheme, Haskell, and Lua.

My first programming experience was when I was 13 and wanted to sort my collection of MSX games alphabetically. I don’t know which algorithm I used − it wasn’t very fast − but it worked. Since then I like to write software to solve problems and make life easier. When writing code I try to avoid verbosity and strive for conciseness. Simple is usually better − although there are exceptions.

My work attitude is to “think like an owner”; that is, to think about what is the best for the product and company and take ownership / responsibility for aspects where I think it will benefit the product. I place a high value on emotional intelligence, positivity, and empathic communication.